digital art

Digital World of Our Future with This Fascinating 3-D Animation

There is no doubt that our world is changing in many ways. Internet and virtual reality has a tremendous influence on our day-to-day experience, as well as on other creative fields, such as art. Merging between digitally created vision with our usual objective environment is just a matter of time; in fact, this process has started long time ago. New devices, such as google glasses, are on their way of interlacing the material world with the endless virtual reality; video games are getting better and better in reсonstructing the details of our surroundings. There are even studies of the architecture and social relations withing the game world. 3-D technologies are offering a huge variety of ways to turn our vision of the environment upside down. And some artists are very much into it.



Meet Vernon James Manlapaz , 3-D artist and animator who took Instagram by storm with his realistic interventions into the usual cityscapes. Starting with simple animation, he quickly grew into a cartoon creator and visual storyteller.



“Being able to animate characters is exciting for me. I am inspired to go to work every day. Animating characters to punch, blast, fly, and spew fire—it’s awesome.”



Indeed, his animations are over the top good; but recent interest in ironical and humorous digital twists were meant to go viral.
Abstract motives are inbuilt into local streets, transformers are helping to rescue a kitten on the roof and a tree fully grows within a second; all of these metamorphoses are making everything seem quite possible and real.
While these short clever videos are certainly entertaining, they also reveal a very important tendency. We are living on the edge of the new era, era of virtual reality where digital and hylic will be equal and the boundaries of art will expand drastically. We just need to learn 3-D modelling.

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