animated art

Dream small: paper wonders by Charles Young

So you think you cannot build a house? You
assume you must go through years of learning and get some degree? Well, you are
completely wrong. You can even build a city, trust us! Or better trust this
guy, Charles Young, Edinburgh-based artist who has built (and still building) a
whole city with a help of mere scissors, paper, and glue.

It all begun in the summer of 2014, when
Young decided to give it a go and take on the paper modeling. He was already
fluent in this field, but wanted to set a bit of a challenge and practice each
single day. So he decided to make a structure on a daily basis.

His skills had improved drastically and we
can observe the progress of his first steps. On Young’s Tumblr archive you can
follow artist’s improvement month by month. “Why first steps?”, you might ask.
Well, because he didn’t exactly stop there.

Charles Young prolonged his project for a
year. He came from the simple buildings and shapes to the complex cityscapes
that create a whole new narrative! Some of his works are moving and he animated
them into GIFs. It is almost impossible to get your eyes of this amazing paper architecture!


And the best part is – he is still doing
it! None the less, he continued to build his paper city for almost three years!
Now his megapolis totals in 635 structures; some of them are even moving! With
precision and persistence worthy
of respect, Young has created his own little world with a big heart to it.
Every little detail is well thought of, structures evolved in a most
sophisticated manner.

The moral of this
story is very simple. You do not need much to achieve your goals; just dedication
and a lot of practice. While people think big, sometimes it is really useful to
think small.

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