Top 5 movies about artists and their muses


Good day to all our readers!
If you do not have any plans for the weekends, we can suggest you some very nice movies choices. They are not only beautifully directed, but also have an educational message. The relationships of an artist with his creations are complicated, but they are even more complicated when it comes to muses. In addition, we have a little bonus advice, that you, as an art-lover, will surely enjoy!


La Belle Noiseuse
This 1991 feature film tells us a story of a acknowledged painter that now lives quietly with his family afar from the crowds and cities. His settled life is disturbed by the arrival of his young colleague and his girlfriend, beautiful Marianne. After meeting her, master decides to accomplish his once started masterpiece. But, of course, it is not that simple, and the story develops into a study of art limits, authority, jealousy, and passions. The motion picture received positive reviews from critics and two Cannes Film Festival prices! Not to mention a stunning Emmanuele Beart in the leading role.


Factory Girl
World just can’t get enough of Andy Warhol! The name of the movie is referring his famous studio in New York, the Factory. The film revolves around one of Warhol’s muses and “it girls” Edie Sedgwick. Her style, her energy was moving and quite fresh. She was considered to be a very big star, but life decided differently. To see the whole story you have to watch the movie! Lots of pop-art and 60s outfits included!


Gustav Klimt is a legendary figure not only because of his perplexing art. He was known for his frequent encounters with numerous women, who were or became soon his models. He was fascinated with women’s beauty, with their sensuality. In this biographical fantasy Klimt, played by the exceptional John Malkovich, not only reflects on his previous romantic interests, but also on his struggles for artistic freedom and search for self-expression. In this movie you can distinctly see a cinematic style that matches Klimt’s oeuvre, especially his gold works.


Surviving Picasso 

Picasso is a legend. From Many points of view. He had this incredible ability to forecast trends and to execute them with a supreme talent. Nobody knows how he did it. How he managed to stay on top for so mane years. Some say he stole ideas, some say he is simply a genius, other think he was inspired by his lovers. With this film starring Antony Hopkins we have a chance to view life with Picasso through the eyes of his muse and lover Françoise Gilot. Movie also has some famous people in its sleeve, and tells rather a contradictory version of perks of sharing life with a genius.


Camille Claudel
Award nominated movie starring iconic French actors Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu. If you know the name in the tittle of the movie you are probably familiar with the whole story. But no worries, we will not give away any spoilers! This is a story about great sculptor Auguste Rodin and his muse/lover/fellow colleague Camille Claudel. They begun their relationships when Camille was only 19, and it was a rise of the carriers for both artists. But life always has its perks, so let’s see where these two passionate souls will go.


As for the promised bonus, or better to say “desert”, we have a very special Woody Allen movie. Midnight in Paris is a movie about struggling artist that seeks inspiration.The events take place in modern Paris, but there is a twist, rather a time twist. One Parisian midnight, main character Gil finds himself in a different era, The Golden Age of art and literature in the beginning of the 20th century at the heart of Europe. Don’t miss a bit from this fantastic journey!

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