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Interview: Andy Spiess and her subconscious collages

Today we are starting with a new type of material. Once in a while we are going to make interviews with young (or not very) artists and ask them a bunch of questions about life in the virtual and real world, about their art, inspirations and struggles. And our first guest is Andy Spiess, collage artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Poison Leaf: Hi, Andy! So how have you grown to arts?

Andi Spiess: Hello there) Well, like almost everything in this life, it came to me quite suddenly.This summer, the two people who raised me both passed. My aunt passed suddenly while my grandmother passed very slowly. I stayed in her home for three months to be her sole caretaker and to do all I can for her. While I was there I found collage as a way to express my feelings and to just get through. I used the scissors and magazines that were in the house.

PL: So you are using only actual materials, no digital arranging?

A.S: Exactly. I am a (proud) analog artist, meaning I create all of my images with my scissors, blazes, and clue, and I spent lots of time and effort on finding my source materials. I try to focus on analog photography, but I also use modern images. In general I am drawn to the simplicity.

PL: How did you decide to share your works?

A.S: I started my Instagram account in 2014 as a personal account. In July of 2016 I started to post my works there. Later on I was asked to sell my works and to keep creating, so I changed my profile to a business account and never looked back. But the whole thing was a bit of surprise for me, actually. I had no expectations when I had just started.

PL: Why collage?

A.S: I reached out to collage because I love the concept of not just gluing materials together, but combining deeply rooted remix of cultures that was born from collage. I think collage is a way to change popular culture and advertising from the inside.

PL: Do you have any kind of background related to arts?

A.S: Actually, I have never wanted to be an artists. After my grandmother passed, I studied collage under Cecil Touchon at the International Museum of Collage, Assembly and Construction in my hometown of Santa Fe.

PL: What inspires you in terms of fellow artists and ideas?

A.S: My greatest visual influences are Ron English, Hannah Höch, and Ru Paul. I found the billboard liberation movement after high-school and I have always loved the concept of subvertising.

PL: What do you want to tell with your art?

A.S:I have experienced many miracles and unexplainable phenomenon, and I stopped questioning what is possible long ago. All of my work is a product of my emergence from the loss of my two best friends, my aunt and my grandmother.
And I try to show what is really there, not just what can be seen.

Two collections by Andy Spiess will be soon featured on PoisonLeaf, follow our updates and have a great week!

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