When Art meets Fashion

For decades the relationships between art and fashion has been a source of controversy and debates. There are dozens of prejudices involved in this discourse: the question of “high art”, consumption, fashion as a mere product manufacture, commercializing etc. Amid all these obstacles, fashion and art has been interfering with one another over time; sometimes more  successfully, while other times – not so much. Today we are going to have a loo at some of the most interesting and controversial collaborations between these two fields.


Yves Saint Laurent & Piet Mondrian
While we are familiar with the oeuvre by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, not everyone knows about his contribution to the fashion world. His works were very much about rhythm, musical as well as the dynamics of nature around us. This is the perfect pursuit for swinging 60s and its experimenting fashion. Yves Saint Laurent created an a-silhouette dress with the complex seamlessness structure – each peace was sewed separately to create this illusion. The dress turned into an iconic symbol of the era, just as the artwork that inspired it.


Zaha Hadid & Chanel
Yes, the collaboration between an architect and a famous fashion brand is possible. Though it might not deal with garments directly.In 2008 Zaha Hadid, who was names as  ‘Queen of the curve’ by The Guardian, cooperated with Chanel in order to create a mobile pavilion for the famous fashion house. The structure of the pavilion’s surface played with the design of iconic Chanel purse and was designed in a way to be put together in less than a week. Though the project gained a lot of criticism due to its neglect of the surrounding architectural environment (well, just as some other Hadid’s daring buildings), it became a significant point in the Chanel promotion campaign.


Cindy Sherman & Comme des Garcons
Cindy Sherman who is famous for her series Untitled Film Stills where she had created an enigmatic and collective image of a movie-and-media influenced woman had a collaboration with Japanese brand Comme des Garcons and its designer Rei Kawakubo. The Kawakubo’s style is not traditional in any kind of way, so the final product of the cooperation was quite unique. Sherman created an image of a peculiar model, rather going for decadence that the glamorous perfection typical for the fashion campaigns. As an outcome we have a perfectly surreal and daring photos that expressed style and manner of the designer and a photographer in a most flattering way for both of them.


Rene Magritte & Opening Ceremony
As for desert, last collab we are going to talk about today is absolutely mesmerizing 2014 collection by the brand Opening Ceremony. What is so special and “tasty” about this collaboration? Well, it was inspired by the works of the famous surrealist Rene Magritte. And it’s no wonder, simply because Magritte’s oeuvre stands as a rich field for inspiration and interpretation for decades now. just look at this garments! You can easily put them on your walls instead of the traditional paintings, and it will be just as conceptual as any surrealistic picture!

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