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The Perks Of Being a Modern Photographer

We all need a pinch of inspiration on our lives from time to time. And as we are totally agreeing on the importance of being original and creative in our doings, it is still nice to keep an eye on the contemporary state of art. Today we are going to have a peek on the photography and what’s going on in the world of digital medias.

First of all, it is important to note that in this age of artistic freedom there no major tendencies or trends. Everything is available and permitted. But in this sea of possibilities sometimes it is quite hard to find your own unique voice. In this article we will try to name at least some hot topics in the modern world of photography while getting to know several bright minds in this sphere. Or, better say, bright eyes.

Of course, beauty is on the eye of the beholder. But photography nowadays is not just the tool for mirroring beautiful details of everyday life. (Though it has an absolute freedom to do so as well) This type of art transformed into a powerful tool of investigation and research. It is deeply psychological, sometimes it serves as a therapist for either society or the photographer. It’s not obligated to give you some answers, but it surely can highlight some important points and open up new fields of studying. We can scan the world around us with an unfaltering gaze of a camera eye. Moreover, we can study our inner worlds, culture, some ephemeral therms like love, friendship, dreams etc. And we can be whoever we want in this process: the random witness, the active participant, the main character, or photographer might not present himself at all. It is possible to create the whole new worlds from scratch just with a simple click of the camera. Well, and may be some digital manipulations. So let us begin our acquaintance with those who make these magic happen.

This Ukrainian duet


composed of Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova was voted as the best art photographers by the Italian Vogue. And it’s no wonder, because their works are fascinating from many points of view.  Synchrodogs combining fashion photography with deeply personal touch and aesthetics. World of fashion is evolving, and imagery becomes more and more conceptual and artsy. It is no longer just about the garments, because in order to stand out in the modern visual reality you simply have to offer a bit more than that. And this is precisely what Synchrodogs are doing.

Another huge topic is a human body. Many modern photographers contribute to this topics mixing it with self-reflection, eroticism, and some surreal motives. We have mentioned in our previous articles Kostis Fokas and Sam Cannon works, so today it is the time for new names.

Meet Prue Stent, artist based in Melbourne, Australia, who reflects upon somatic issues and sexuality. These works are ironic, surrealistic from time to time, they are exploring what our bodies mean to us, and to the surrounding world. Interaction which occurs on the edge of abstraction, fantasy and reality presented with special aesthetics and bold color patterns.

Russian photographer Uldus Bakhtiozina explores another side of modern photography. She plays with the stereotypical patterns and images, including the standards of fine art. Deriving inspiration from Russian folklore and artistry heritage and traditions, she creates new type of vision that studies questions of feminism, culture appropriation, and social norms. Combining different sets of styles and spheres in the photographs, Uldus is a solid prove of multidisciplinary approach that is totally winning over the modern art.

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