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Highlighting Women In Art

Today we are going to talk about women in art. For ages women have been rather a subject of admiration and inspiration than a real participants of the process. In the 18th – 19th century painting was the part of young girl’s education, but it was primarily a means of a good tone and a social attire. Girls with nice education was placed in a good position in the community so they have better chances of marrying well. So actually this fact had nothing to do with involvement in the art process. With all of the changes in 20th century the situation has evolved, and women became just as essential to art scene as men. Let us get acquainted with some of the important figures who had established women’s representation in art.

Diane Arbus

Arbus represents a very strong, consistent voice in the world of photography. Her oeuvre is deeply psychological, with clear surrealistic tones to it. Indeed, her photography was the way to deal with chaotic reality, to get through the depression.


Her vision is strong and unique. She became the first American photographer to be represented at the Venice Biennale, and her photobook has been one of the best selling  photo monographs ever.  Her approach and the choice of subjects, emotional, sometimes melancholic, outcasted, witty, grotesque, but always humane had made an impact on the upcoming generation of visual artists.

Marina Abramović
Without this iconic lady it would be really hard to imagine the emerging of the performance art. She challenged the audience by pushing the limits of the allowable behavior in society and between the viewer and the artist. People call her “grandmother” of performances and in many ways she was a pioneer in terms of raised topics and audacity. Being quite daring, Abramović was studying the limits of human body while, actually, putting her life at danger sometimes. “Once you enter into the performance state you can push your body to do things you absolutely could never normally do.” In her 1974 performance Rhythm 0 she placed 72 object on the table in front of her, taking a passive role. Audience could do whatever they want. During this performance Abramović was stripped, cut, hurt in many ways, and at some point a guest aimed a gun at her head; after 6 hours she regained her active role and started walking towards the public, but people run away in fear of the consequences of their actions. The point of the performance was to explore what people could do when not facing social restrictions and punishment. Rhythm 0 is a vivid example of the artist’s oeuvre: Marina Abramović always dares people, dares herself, and the whole world. She raises question that everybody is too afraid to ask, because the answer might be not pleasurable at all.


Frida Kahlo
When you think of Mexico – you think of Frida Kahlo. When you think of vivid lively colors – you think of Frida Kahlo. When you think about buoyant personality and incredible stamina – you think of Frida Kahlo. This amazing woman had been through a lot in her life – at the age of eighteen she survived a traffic accident, but it coasted her lifelong health problems accompanied with pain issues. Despite that misfortune Frida had an outgoing and lively character, she had rather rebellious nature and was very keen to everything unconventional.


Frida influenced art scene by bringing the image of strong, daring and frank woman. She was opened about her sexuality, about her despair and about her affairs. She loved her country, her art was both surreal and intimate.

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