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Devilish Love and Lovable Women: Polly Nor’s Illustrations

Do you like nice indie music? Well, what about superb illustrations? May be you are also interested in the stories of transformation based on some self-conscious issues presented in a very surrealistic manner? We got it all! Just check out this amazing video by British musician Chelou.

London-based illustrator Polly Nor is responsible for the visual part of the clip. The story circles around the girl who struggles with her self-perception so much, that when she looks in a mirror she sees a devilish creature. The plot goes on into the weird eclectic world which happens to be girl’s subconsciousness. A bit creepy, very relatable, illustrations create an atmospheric, wild universe, which is so important to any kind of art. If it manages to capture viewers in its own unique dimension so that we are forgetting about everything around us – it is a true magic. And despite dark undertones, this spooky story has a happy ending with self-acceptance and harmony.

Polly Nor’s works usually are quite mystical (with beasts and demons) and sometimes erotic. Yet, they are satirical from time to time. This thin line between genres resemble Miss Nor’s source of inspiration – Shunga, special type Japanese erotic art. There always a flippant tone that goes through all of the images, a bit of satire here and there definitely won’t hurt anybody.

In the center of Polly Nor’s oeuvre is a picture of a woman in a broadest possible sense. She has her fears, she has her fun. As well as some intercourses with devilish creatures and interactions with surreal beasts. Despite some fantastic notes, her heroines are very modern, very real.
The illustrations are filled with the attention to details. We see a lot of cultural references, a lot of background-revealing features. We cannot help but remember some photo projects with people in their rooms. The entourage in each room represents its dweller whether he/she wants it or not.

Little things we leave (purposely or unconsciously) around our intimate territory can tell a lot about the way we live, about our personality. Similar to these projects, Polly Nor constructs a background story for each of her characters, with the worlds of their own, which we happen to observe in her images. This is a fascinating and quite painstaking analysis of contemporary women mixed with an incredible power of the imagination.

Many of her works give a strong Freudian feeling; it seems like we are secretly watching some girl’s dreams filled with repressed wishes and unrequited desires.

You will not get enough of these illustrations, not just because they are full of the little details, but rather because they are multi-layered. Polly Nor manages to combine the image of a modern girl with vivid erotic and surrealistic motives, creating special fantastic universe, believable and, at the same time, beyond the imagination. Let’s enjoy it!

Images are taken from artist’s website 

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