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Femininity, Sexuality and Controversy

We live in a progressive world during quite liberal times. At least we think so. But somehow such topics as eroticism and sexuality still induce wide controversy and arose heated disputes. Well, may be it is the way human body is presented in some works of art; may be we deal with some kind of intimate insecurities our society keep experiencing. In the following article we will get acquainted with some of the young digital artists and photographers who touch upon the sensual themes and sexuality in their oeuvres. Perhaps, we will be able to find some tendencies and answer some questions.

Kostis Fokas
Greek photographer Kostis Fokas embraces fierce eroticism in his works. The acceptance of our own physicality is one of artist’s  main focuses, along with humorous notes and surreal undertones.


Along with these motives goes the sense of deformation, which helps creating distorted and weird, yet beautiful images with human body as the main instrument. Mirroring is also a tool used to look at ourselves in different light in the same manner Surrealists were doing. Kostis Fokas explores somatic nature of our lives and does it with a brilliant sense of humor and imagination.

Sam Cannon
New York based photographer Sam Cannon creates a special kind of digital art. She uses looped video and small GIFs to extend the sense of time into endless video spaces. Her works has strong surreal base and sometimes she uses human body parts to build bizarre structures and alien-like creatures. In addition, Sam Cannon does some works for the world of fashion and they are as fascinating as her artistic pieces.


“I want them to stop scrolling through their feed and sit with the image.” In the times of fast-life mentality and enormous amount of visual information, the ability to stun and provoke viewer in a few seconds is priceless. Some of the topics she talks about are femininity, self-representation in medias, fashion and different social problems. A bit dark atmosphere mixed with the mesmerizing infinite videos makes a perfect combination for the unique work of digital art. The eroticism in her oeuvre is a bit gloomy and strange also, but the surprising insertions of eyes, lips and other unexpected features make Cannon’s works quite daring and evoke mixed emotions.

Stephanie Sarley
For Oakland-based artist Stephanie Sarley the sexuality and eroticism is an essence of her works. And the most controversial part of it is re-inaction of different sexual practices with various fruits.





What supposed to be an innocent humorous video turned into an internet sensation that emerged numerous conversations over the freedom of expression and feminine sexuality. It also brought into attention the framework of a modern art forms. Along with the interaction between personal and public fields, her videos provoked harsh criticism and trolling, which is also an issue of the internet bullying aimed at women. “Men do get trolls, but especially as a woman, dealing with the female body, and you’re saying something about the vagina and the vulva, it’s very personal. It’s a touchy subject. Feminism is controversial for people.”

As a conclusion we can say that we do live in a progressive society; but as for now the transformation still goes on. Our society is not fully comfortable with sex and body connected topics, as well as with feminism. We are still learning and improving. Different social medias and internet platforms combined with the power of art can help us progress and become more open-minded. So let’s embrace artists who deals with these issues and guide us through the changes.

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