Christmas gift guide for art lovers

Yes, we know that there is plenty of time left for the Christmas shopping. But you know how it goes: one thing leads to another and it is already two days left! So you better get started on your gift ideas today, and we will certainly help you with that. Especially if you are looking for something special for people who are irresistible and inevitably in love with books and art like we are. So let’s get down to the five ideas of the smart Christmas gifts we have in mind.

1. A bit of Hitchcock for everybody

Alfred Hitchcock’s influence on the contemporary visual culture is undeniable! Take for instance Xavier Dolan’s fascination with his cinematography. What could be better than a book about maestro? Well, a book of interviews with maestro taken by another iconic persona in the world of movies –  French new wave guru François Truffaut. He interviewed Hitchcock during the eight days in 1962 and offered to issue a book.

In 2015 a documentary based on the book had been released; it contains a numerous reflections on the book’s influence on the course of cinematography from the most famous directors such as Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, Wes Anderson, David Fincher, Arnaud Desplechin, and Olivier Assayas. The significance of this possible gift idea is obvious. Moreover, it has numerous photographs and movie stills – a real treat for all cinema lovers!

2. Urban vibes

If you are looking for a present for the rebellious art lovers type, such as street art and graffiti fans, this book is just perfect for you!
Training days covers the story of train bombing told from the perspective of 12 subway artists.

The uniqueness of this book is not only in over the hundred images of subway graffiti, but also in the lengthy overview of the development of this movement. We can observe different stages of subway art; what it was like in its infancy, and how it is doing now. And let’s not forget that everything is told firsthand.

3. In Museums We Trust

Museums are great. Let’s just state it one more time. But they appear to have another wonderful feature – gift shops. And we must say that you can find absolutely amazing present over there. It all depends on the tastes. For example, for all Van Gogh admirers this book from the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum would be just perfect! it analyzes artist’s oeuvre and has a great deal of images inside.

So the best decision you can make for the Christmas shopping is to go to the museum’s gift shop and find a right present for a right person. The good thing is the variety of choices, you can buy there books, posters, mugs, even action figures! (even Sigmund Freud action figure – you would like that for yourself, don’t deny it!)

4. Fancy notebooks

This is a gift suitable for everyone. You just need to pick the right motive. We have a bit of everything here – from floral pattern to the Wes Anderson enthusiast. The range of handmade or customized notebooks is enormous and you can always find them online. You may also want to check out fancy sketch books if you have somebody who draws in your gift list.

5. Art Prints

Well, if people love art – give them art! We are talking about quality prints and canvases. Pick the favorable style, wrap it, ship it, give it! And we certainly know the place to do so – at Poisonleaf online shop! There are all kinds of art over there, but every single piece is filled with weirdness and fierceness! Check it out!

We hope our list will help you with this difficult job – to please your loved ones, and to please them with art! Have a productive shopping and a great pre-holidays season!

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