Dalí’s Life: Mustache, Chupa Chups and Disney

Salvador Dalí is an acclaimed genius of the Surrealism. He is also an acclaimed genius of the self-promoting techniques, being famous not only for his art, but also for his extravagant and provocative behavior. While we all know some things about his art, let’s have a glance at the facts of his biography that might add yet another stroke to the artist’s portrayal.

His wife was his manager

Dalí met his future wife Gala in 1929, and that was a drastic change for both of them. Gala would take up a role of artist’s agent and his commercial success and popularity would be partly a merit of hers. Dalí’s family highly disapproved his choice with Gala being 10 years older, with a child and, well… married. But this is the next stop on our list.


He married his friend’s spouse

At the time of their acquaintance Gala was married to a French poet Paul Eluard. Despite the fact, Eluard was even present at the wedding as the witness. But Dalí’s father wasn’t. He even crossed Salvador from his will due to the scandalous nature of his marriage.

He was named after his deceased older brother

The artist was born 9 month after his older brother, named Salvador passed away at the very young age. His parents believed that he was a reincarnation of his brother, so this topic appears in some of Dalí’s works.

His famous moustache was voted as one of the most influential throughout the history

As been voted by Movember, Dalí’s facial hair indeed made an impact. But not many people know the fact that he had adopted the moustache style from classical Spanish painter Diego Velázquez.


He was expelled from art school

Dalí refused to take an art history test saying that none of the teachers were competent enough to grade him. That’s one part of the story. Another part is that Dalí didn’t want to lose his father’s financial support, which would certainly happen if he got his diploma.

Dalí was a generous artist

This statement has two meanings. One is that Dalí was quite productive and has left more than 1500 paintings as his art heritage, along with numerous drawings, illustrations, etc. Second meaning of the phrase is quite spectacular. Salvador Dalí had accidentally made some of his secretaries into a millionaires, paying them in the commissions. At first it was barely any money, but with a time those commissions turned into some huge sums.

He designed a Chupa Chups logo

Dalí was no stranger to the advertising design. Though in the world of high art it was considered rather a lousy work. But Dalí stick to his signature moves even in the world of commercials. He actually starred in some. Take a look!

And, of course, he is responsible for Chupa Chups design. Now you can have a part of Dalí’s artistic heritage for a very reasonable amount of money.


He had a collaboration with Disney

Walt Disney was very excited about the idea of bringing Dalí’s artistic world of fantasies into an animation world. But, unfortunately, this project was shut down soon after it had begun. Thanks to Disney’s nephew who recreated the cartoon in 2003, we can enjoy the animated film Destino. It is based on the original 17 seconds animation produced by Disney studio artist John Hench and Salvador Dalí himself; Disney studio decoded the storyboard and with the help of Gala’s journals with some of Dalí’s drawings produced a whole piece.

In addition to our journey among the facts of Dalí’s eccentric life, let’s take a look at Woody Allen’s version of the artist in 2011 movie Midnight in Paris, where Salvador Dalí was brilliantly portrayed by Adrian Brody.

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