Surrealism: Where the Wild Things Are

We all know
Surrealism to be that weird and wild art movement of the 20th
century. When we hear about Surrealism, we instantly think of something
fantastic and absurd, dream-like.
Indeed, this peculiar art movement is quite like everything abovementioned. But
most importantly, it is surreal in
the exact meaning of the word. We are
presented with something above our reality, above consciousness.


In this
video, produced by the famous Tate Museum, Peter Capaldi, former art student
and Doctor Who main character will introduce
you to the key-facts of the movement.

you can fully enjoy some of the fascinating aspects of Surrealism to get a
fuller appreciation of this revolutionary art style. So, let’s get straight to
the most important points.


was highly inspired by the superstar of the 20th century’s
scientific scene Sigmund Freud. His theory about the unconsciousness had
transformed the world forever, especially the world of art. The idea that there
are so much more behind the rationality and objectivism bewitched artist’s
minds. Painters, writers, directors, photographers – all were looking for the
things beyond our reach, for different dimensions of reality. 


Some of the
spheres they came across in their search were dreams, insanity, childhood,
crimes and violence, sex and eroticism. All of their interests had a strong
connection with Freud’s theories and followed the idea of capturing pure nature
of existence, which according to their opinion endured within the
unconsciousness. Surrealists tried to let their mind flow and express itself
without any restrictions. Automatic drawing and painting was one of the many
ways to free artist’s mind from the rational control. Allowing the random
movement to take over, the Surrealists tried to reveal the subconscious intentions,
which were usually repressed by the conscious mind. 


Insanity was seen as the existence
of genuine and unrestricted unconsciousness, as well as children with their
irrational perception of life. According to Freud, sex was one of the main motives
in a human life, so, naturally, it was one of the main themes of surreal art.
And it was a true revolution in art, which followed Freudian revolution in
science. The movement was not only extremely creative (because what could be
more inspirational than the imagination itself), but also provocative in terms
of braking social taboos and conventional views on behavior; it was not just a
movement – it was a way of thinking. Another innovation brought up by the Surrealists
was a dark humor.  We know that another
art style was a fan of humor and irony – Dada. But Surrealism took it to
another level. Being kind of anti-art itself, just like Dada, Surrealism
introduced dark and sarcastic sense of humor to the world of art. We do not
have only good dreams, right? There should be something connected with
nightmares also.


Surrealists are certainly the brave creators who changed the course of art
drastically. They have paved the way for the postmodern era and influenced the modern
visual reality. They’ve showed us where the wild things are and how beautiful and
scary our own mind is.  


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