Tony Futura’s Visual Puns

Today we live in the era of information. Modernism and
postmodern era seems to be a thing of the past. But the irony, the
intellectual postmodern games are still relevant to the contemporary context.
Tony Futura is one of the digital artists who fully realize the tendency of
emerging sarcasm and pop culture elements.


Berlin based artist plays with New Pop and is trying to create “simple images with a twist”. He
uses Instagram as his own gallery,
his public platform for independent projects.
We are so used to selfies and endless pictures of food that we completely
forgot about full capacity of social networks. They are just perfect for
sharing creative ideas and art works without the pressure of supervisors and
commercial demands of the art market.  

Tony Futura’s works are quite surreal, and at the same
time they include above-mentioned postmodern elements as well as pop culture
references. “Pop means something famous, something many people know or can
relate to and that gives me the opportunity to twist expectations and turn them
into a different direction. The rest just happens randomly and gets into my
mind like a brain wave.”


Artist’s works usually talk about mass culture,
overconsumption and modern society’s lack of foresight. He talks about
globalization and environmental problems, advertising industry and health issues.


His art lies in between graphic design aesthetics and
those visual puzzles everybody likes; just as the culture nowadays, his works have
quite erotic tone to them.

Great example of the postmodern tendencies in his works
is this remastered version of Munch’s Scream,
which has gone quite viral.


Futura’s works are quite memorable; they are simple, yet manage to touch on some important issues in the world and in the society. It is a true talent to adopt such important topics so accurately and sharp, that we can get the meaning instantly after just one glance at the image. Brevity is the soul of wit, as Shakespeare said.


Images are taken from the artist’s Instagram

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