Instagram can be good for you


Social networks have a well-known reputation of time-thieves and procrastination-helpers. But we know how to turn your time into an inspiring and educational experience. Check these fascinating Instagram accounts, that will guide you through the world of contemporary art, fashion and pop-culture.


Kein Magazine is an Istanbul based online magazine which focuses on digital art, fashion, music and a little bit of political affairs. You also can find unknown artists’ works here, as well as strange pieces of advertising and commercial-based art. 


Artsxdesign is another one great daily source of creativity and artistry. It includes modern photography, digital art, high-quality fashion campaigns and movie stills. 


Whitecubeofficial is an Instagram account of one of the most famous exhibition spaces in the world. If you want to be aware of the curating tendencies, current projects and new names, you should definitely consider following.


Yet another name that needs no introduction whatsoever. Charles Saatchi is considered to be a king among art-dealers and one of the most influential art collectors of 20th century. He opened the Saatchi Gallery in 1985, situated in London. And you’ve probably guessed already, that this is gallery’s Instagram account. Interesting fact about Charles Saatchi is that previously to his art-dealer carrier he owned the advertising company. Do you feel the connection between advertising and the world of modern art? Oh, it is stronger than ever! 


Well, the description says it all. On this artist’s Instagram you will find tons of irony (especially towards celebrities and political figures), animation, and modern cultural phenomena allusions. Be prepared for the domination of a grim humor on this account.    


Who is Banksy? We still don’t know, but we know where to find him. And this place is Instagram. He keeps an account for his new works and projects; the convenient thing is the location of his works as well as the up-to-date announcements of Banksy’s actions and events. 


Magnum Photos is an iconic international photography agency that has brought many great names and images to the public throughout decades.  According to one of its founders, photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, "Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually.“ And that is precisely what Magnum’s Instagram is about.  


For the French movies lovers we advice DIFFER.TV account. Lots of Godard movie stills and other iconic film references. Will be suitable for modern movie lovers also. 


All vintage fans can enjoy the content of this account. They also post a lot of artist’s real life photos and pictures from their studios. We can explore the aesthetics of the past to understand today time better. Will be suitable for the movie lovers also. 

So use the time wisely and may Instagram be with you. 

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