The one with The Simpsons and Pop Art

The Simpsons is a well-know television phenomenon, which has attracted worldwide attention and kept it ever since. Needless to say, the show reflects the whole decades of social issues and cultural aspects. But it also includes some art references, jokes and fantasies that could be of a great interest also. And since we have been talking about Andy Warhol lately, let’s start with him.

Mom & Pop Art

This episode is very interesting indeed! With Homer becoming a famous sculptor praised by critics for his uninhibited rage and honesty, and Marge feeling left behind with her passion for art. 

Homer’s accidental “sculptures” were considered as an Outsider Art – actually existing field that is usually associated with an art made outside of the official art scene by children or people with mental disorders. 

Numerous references to the way art scene works and to some real personalities. Take a look at this hilarious cut from the episode. 

We also have Jasper Johns, American artist, who is constantly stealing some odd objects like light bulbs in this episode. This ironical joke is a reference to the usage of found objects in his early works. 

Enjoy the show, and beware of Andy! 

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