Beauty and the Beast: Augustin Rebetez and his creations


Modern world is multidisciplinary. This is a proven and well known fact. And art is no exception to this statement. Nowadays, we mix everything with everything else; and what do we get? We get completely new worlds! New view, new approach, and… new creatures. 



Augustin Rebetez is one of those authors, who creates little independent universes, with their own beauties and beasts. He uses different mediums, from photo, collages to still-motion videos, installations and graphics. His works look like bizarre dreams or surrealistic reality; Rebetez gets his inspiration from the psychoanalytic ideas of subconsciousness, automatic language, spiritism, and circus.


“I like the idea of a house. Of a house inside a house. Of a house inside a brain. The brain is like a machine: and I am an engine full of fuel. So: let’s build a house.” – says the artist in the interview to the FOAM Magazine. 


All images are taken from artist’s website

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